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What You Need To Know About Wood-Boring Pests

Wood-boring insects are found throughout most of the country and damage hundreds of thousands of homes each year.

Those insects could be termites, beetles, ants or bees. But the damage remains the same: weakening or destroying wooden components of a home, outside or inside.

When inspectors examine homes, it's not uncommon to find evidence of wood-boring insects. If inspectors find a soft spot, they may be able to poke a hole into the wood easily using a probing device.

If inspectors are able to poke a hole through the wood, it is indicative of a larger problem. This is a routine part of a home inspection, which is something home buyers should note to remedy.

If damage from wood-boring insects is found, Kanawha Valley Engineering & Home Inspections suggests scheduling a specific pest inspection to determine the extent of the damage and treat the areas.

Your home inspector can be your first line of defense against these insects. Be sure to follow up on any notes to repair issues and keep your home safe!

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