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Drain Inspections

An inspection of accessible portions of the in-ground stormwater and sanitary drain systems with a drain camera is an often overlooked but critical inspection. Poor control of stormwater is the most common cause of foundation movement, water infiltration, and mold growth in homes in our area. Failed or poorly performing in-ground drain systems are often a major contributor to these conditions. Repairing or replacing compromised in-ground drains can result in a significant expense. During a drain inspection, a drain camera is inserted into all drains that are readily assessable. The
inspection of the drains is documented with photos and video and diagrams showing the general configuration of the drain system can be provided.

A drain inspection is also beneficial to established homeowners as it can locate localized system failures that are causing other larger issues within the property. In some cases, a drain inspection allows localized, less expensive repairs to be performed as defects can be located and marked in the field,preventing the need for entire system replacement.

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