Mold Testing


Mold growth in a home or other building is one of the many contributors to poor indoor air quality.  A basic mold test performed by Kanwaha Valley Home Inspections includes three samples consisting of a combination of air and/or physical samples.  One outdoor air sample is always taken to provide a baseline for the test.  Additional samples should be taken when the property exceeds 2,500 sq-ft.  The exact number and type of samples taken varies with each property.


Mold Testing is not included in either a Home Inspection or Structural Inspection, but can be performed in conjunction with either inspection.  Although a Home Inspection or Structural Inspection Report will note when visible evidence of possible mold growth is found, mold testing will allow the presence of mold to be confirmed.  Mold testing also confirms the presence of mold even in the absence of visible signs. 


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