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THIS Is What You'll Find In Your Home Inspection Report

At Kanawha Valley Home Inspections, the inspection report is completed in a narrative style. What does that mean? Well, instead of a checklist, this report is full of pictures of the property and diagrams to illustrate the condition of the house. The final report is mailed or emailed within 24 hours after the inspection.

View a sample report here.

Throughout the report, there are specific tags to help designate issues.

Major Concern: Denotes a system or component which is considered significantly deficient or may result in significant expense. A Major Concern may also represent a Safety Issue. Major Concerns are significant deficiencies that are not typical for a house of this age or construction and will likely impact the property or its occupants in the short-term.

Investigate: Denotes a specific area where a component could not be fully inspected and further evaluation is recommended as a defect is suspected. It is recommended that this area of concern be fully evaluated prior to closing to prevent assuming a potential liability.

Safety Issue: Denotes a condition that is unsafe and in need of prompt attention to prevent possible injury to the occupants.

Repair: Denotes a system or component which is missing or is defective and needs corrective action to assure proper and reliable function.

Improve: Denotes improvements which are recommended but are very common among most homes of this age and construction.

Monitor: Denotes a system or component needing further investigation and/or monitoring in order to determine if repairs are necessary.

Does this sound helpful? If so, be sure to contact us to set up your appointment today: 304-721-9459.

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