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So, who is a home inspector?

Sure, you probably know a home inspector is a person who will come take a look at a house. They will come in, check it out and see if there are major or minor issues. But, what makes them qualified?

Who is a home inspector?

A West Virginia Certified Home Inspector has met the guidelines outlined in WV Title 87-5 and has obtained certification through the WV State Fire Marshal's office. Home inspectors are not experts in every home system but are generalists trained to recognized evidence of potential problems in the different home systems and their major components. Recommendations are often made for a qualified contractor or engineer to perform a more detailed analysis on a system or component.

Is Kanawha Valley Home Inspections & Engineering qualified?

Kanawha Valley Home Inspections & Engineering's Brett Hodgdon is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of West Virginia, a certified West Virginia State Home Inspector and a certified Home Inspector with the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).

What is a home inspection? A home inspection is a visual evaluation of a property by an unbiased third party that is intended to identify safety hazards and major deficiencies.

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