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Mice and Spiders and Squirrels, Oh My!

While these critters might be cute costumes for Halloween, mice, squirrels and bats shouldn't be welcome visitors inside your home.

As the weather cools, these critters outside may be in search of warmth - namely, your home. But, they can cause damage and wreak havoc on the structure of your house.


Mice are surprisingly agile and can squeeze through tiny cracks, spaces between framing and other areas that may not be sealed tightly. You can seal up these areas to prevent them from moving in or adopt a cat to prowl the perimeter.


Those creepy-crawlies are often harmless, but that doesn't mean you want them in your living space. They love thick bushes, secluded areas and other spaces often out of sight. Keep firewood, brush and other materials away from your foundation to prevent them from gathering.


Nut-loving critters may be fun to watch and feed, but having them invade your attic is no fun. Be sure to cut back any overhanging branches to avoid having squirrels take a route directly into your home.

What other pests might you prepare for as the weather cools down?

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