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Is a Tiny Home Right For You?

Tiny homes are trendy for a number of reasons right now - but is it right for you? Read on to find out more.


Smaller homes tend to come at smaller prices. If you're price conscious, this could play into your decision-making process. According to The Tiny Life, it’s possible to build a tiny house for $23,000 on average.


A smaller square footage means utility prices are likely lower, as well. Water, electric, sewage, gas, internet - it could all add up!


Some may be interested in living off the grid in a tiny house. It's possible to heat the entire space with a small wood stove and use solar power. Many tiny houses even have composting options so it may not be necessary to be hooked up to a sewage system.

There are other things to take into consideration, too.

Storage Space

With a tiny home, there is less space to devote to closets and other storage, so many families will need to downsize their possessions to make the best use of a tiny home.

Living Space

Much like storage space, the living space in a tiny home is minimal, too. Your family and pets will share a much smaller space.

Don't Forget: No matter the size of the home, you should still schedule a home inspection! Whether it's new construction or a well-loved home, a home inspection can turn up any issues you may want to be familiar with.

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