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How to Use Your New Fireplace: 3 Tips for Safety

Sipping hot cocoa next to a cozy fireplace can be a new homeowner's dream. The cooler months are quickly approaching, and that means if you have a fireplace in your home, it's likely to get more use.

How can you make sure you're keeping it maintained and functioning properly? Here are three tips to follow:

Clean & Inspect Your Wood-Burning Fireplace

Professionals recommend getting a chimney cleaned once per year and inspected for structural integrity. Even if you're not using your chimney often, it is not uncommon for birds to build nests or deterioration to occur inside.

Read the manual

The best way to learn the ins and outs of your fireplace is to read the manual, if one is available. Be sure to make note of the suggested use and safety precautions.

Utilize a screen

Both wood-burning and gas fireplaces should utilize glass doors or screens as a protective shield, and they are often hot during and after the burn so care should be taken to avoid any burns.

Do you have a fireplace?

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