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How To Prepare Your House For the Holidays

This is a special time of year when friends and family gather, decorations are put out and feasts are made. Keep in mind these few tips to keep your home safe during the holidays.

Christmas Trees

Make sure your tree stays well-watered and away from heat sources to prevent it from drying out -- and contributing to a larger problem.


If you're hanging holiday lights, keep in mind the impact on your home electric system and consult an electrician if you are in need of an extra circuit or surge protection.


Many families travel during the holidays, so you'll want to make sure to ask a neighbor to collect your mail, lower your thermostat and unplug unused appliances.


If you have motion sensors or other security systems, activate those whenever you're not home to ward off any potential intruders.


Candles can increase the risk for a house fire if they are near curtains or other seasonal decorations so be sure to monitor them closely.


Avoid burning trees, wreaths or wrapping paper in the fireplace and use a screen at all times while a fire is burning.

What other ways do you stay safe during the holidays?

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