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How to Prep Your House for Potential Homebuyers

Do a nice deep-clean.

A shiny, clean house can make a great first impression for a buyer. It can make them already feel at home and not have to worry about hiring a cleaning service as soon as they move in. Plus, this can let the buyer focus on the house -- and not dust.

Get a home inspection.

Not only does getting a home inspection take care of one extra task for the homebuyer, but it provides a level of transparency. A home inspection can show that the seller is trustworthy and willing to stand by the house.

Create a blank slate.

Remove bulky furniture and other clutter so the homebuyer can envision their things in the space. Potential homebuyers might not connect with personal momentos or photos, so it's best to nix those. Aim for neutral tones and minimal essentials so they can see the potential.

Make any necessary repairs.

The last thing an eager homebuyer wants to see are problems that need to be fixed as soon as they walk inside. If the home inspection noted areas in need of repair, it's best to handle those in the beginning - and be able to show that to potential homebuyers so they can feel confident.

What else would you add?

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