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How To Change Your Furnace Filter

Your furnace filter is designed to trap dust, dirt and other airborne particles before they can cause any damage to your heating and cooling system.

Most of the air in your home circulates through this system, so your filter is one of the best way to keep things dust- and particle-free.

Changing this filter regularly is key to its maintenance, and it's a simple procedure that any homeowner can do.

First, check with your manual to understand your particular model and its protocol. In general, the process might look like this for most:

  1. Turn off the furnace

  2. Remove the service panel

  3. Slide out the old filter, which is likely near the intake/outtake blower fan

  4. Slide in a new filter

  5. Turn the furnace back on

And there you have it! One step closer to a safe and happy home.

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