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Here's Your Must-Have Home Inspection Checklist

When you begin to fall for a house, it's easy to sometimes overlook certain areas. Here is a quick checklist for you to keep in mind while looking at homes. Your home inspector will take a deeper look at all of these - and more!


This is going to be the first thing you see! Do the gutters look like they are attached? Is the siding fitted properly? Is there any deferred maintenance that jumps out at you?


Check out if water runs away or toward the garage, as well as the home. Make sure all doors closed properly.


Do you see any cracks in the walls or water spots on the ceiling? Make note of these for when you have your home inspection.


Are the windows updated and sealed correctly? This could be a major expense with heating and cooling if not.

Electrical Outlets

All the outlets should work and they should be updated so they are in line with the most recent safety standards.

Heat and Air Conditioning

Is there central air? Is the heating gas or electric? These are things to make note of early on.


What's the water pressure like? How quickly does the hot water warm up?


If the homeowners are supplying appliances, make sure they work!


Look out for rodent droppings and termite damage, too. They could lead to structural instability, hazardous wiring and more issues.

These are just a few of the things you'll want to look for when looking at a home. And if anything jumps out at you, be sure to ask your home inspector about it when they do a more thorough evaluation.

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