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Here Are 3 Mother's Day Gifts That Will Help Around The House

Happy Mother's Day from Kanawha Valley Engineering & Home Inspections. Did you know that the holiday was created right here in West Virginia?

Anna Jarvis, of Grafton, West Virginia, organized the holiday in 1908 in memory of her mother. In 1914, it became a national holiday.

If you're looking for ways to celebrate your mother on this day, why not take care of some of those household tasks on her list? Here are 3 ways to take the load off your mom and let her enjoy some relaxation.

1. Clean The Gutters

Even if your mother's home has gutter covers, there are likely still leaves and other debris that have made their way into the gutter. Not only can this help prevent water damage, but it can also help to keep bugs out of homes.

2. Remove Dust Buildup

Heaters, air conditioners and radiators often have small crevices where dirt, grime and dust build up. A good cleaning will help the things run more efficiently - and improve the air quality in the house.

3. Pressure Wash The Deck

It's nearing porch season, as the temperatures warm up. Not only will pressure washing the deck make it more safe by removing any potentially slick grime or residue spots, but it also will make it shine.

What other suggestions do you have?

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