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Find Out What Type Of Home You Want

In a previous blog post, we've talked about various types of structures - whether that's a single-family home, condo or apartment. Now, let's talk about some of the various architectural styles.

Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans provides a simple guide on houses' architectural classifications. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Cape Cod

The Cape Cod style is known for its wood siding, roof shingles and a central door with a window on either side.


Colonial homes are characterized by having two stories, often symmetrical, have a central stairway and tend to look formal.


The contemporary style features clean, simple lines with neutral colors and nature textures.


Cottages tend to be smaller living spaces that are cozy and have a small porch.


The Craftsman style focuses on hand-crafted wood features, exposed beams and large columns.

Greek Revival

Greek revival-style homes feature large columns, Greek-style embellishments and a grand entrance.


Farmhouse-style homes feature rustic, rectangular forms with a large porch and barn-inspired roofs.

French Country

French country-style homes are inspired by the countryside of France, and feature stone exterior with a weathered look.


Mediterranean-style homes feature white stucco, warm wood and stone and tile roofs.

Midcentury Modern

Midcentury modern design has a mix of organic and geometric elements with sleek, uncluttered lines and large windows.


Ranch-style houses typically are one story with open living spaces, a low-pitched roof and backyard.


Split-level homes are characterized by living spaces segmented by short flights of stairs.


The Tudor home style has timber framing, stonework, steep gable roofs and tend to be asymmetrical.


Named after Queen Victoria, Victorian homes tend to have two to three stories, ornate features, steep gable roofs, small towers and bright facades.

Which feature is your favorite?

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