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Did you know: Sellers can get home inspections, too?

You've probably heard about buyers scheduling a home inspection for a house they're interested in purchasing.

But sellers have the ability to have the house inspection prior to listing. And, a pre-listing inspection has some benefits.

1. It saves the buyer from having to spare that expense

The house-buying process can be expensive, so many buyers are looking for places to save money. If a house inspection has already been completed, that could be enticing for the buyer, as it's one less expense for them out of pocket.

2. It can accelerate negotiations

It's not uncommon to go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth with contract negotiations for a house. Often, a buyer uses a home inspection report to further reduce the price of a home. If the inspection is already taken care of and issues have been addressed, that could eliminate an extra layer that could slow down the process.

3. It can build trust.

Home buyers may be more likely to trust in sellers who have already put the work in to make sure the home is ready. Documentation from a third-party inspector can help build that relationship right from the start.

4. It can reduce stress.

This is a busy time for both the buyer and the seller. So, being able to have one portion completed can help reduce stress on both parties' ends.

5. It will reflect an accurate price.

Assisting your realtor in accurately pricing your home can bring in the right buyer for the house. If there are many issues that come from the home inspection while in the negotiation process, it's possible that the deal could fall apart if expenses rise too high. Having that information in the beginning can help set expectations.

Whether you're a buyer or a seller, you can work with Kanawha Valley Engineering & Home Inspections to complete your house inspection today!

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